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Learn why all the advice you have been given until now hasn't worked​, so you can actually stop googling for answers

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Want to optimize Your health?

Wellness Answers


Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

You are exhausted all the time, feeling inflamed and carrying extra weight, you perhaps have stomach issues, anxiety and/or depression, and you not feeling yourself anymore, and have aches and pains that seem to never go away.  Maybe you are frustrated that your doctor is telling you are "normal", but you don't want to live with zero libido, no energy and aches and pains that don't seem to go away.  You might all of a sudden have multiple diagnoses that you have no idea how to manage, and don't want to be taking a bunch of pills the rest of your life...

  • Let's figure out together what is going on in your body... so you can finally start working on a solution.​
  • You need a practitioner to  fill the gap between the doctors visits, and your desired outcome. With our help you won't be alone anymore.  
  • With my help you will create a comprehensive plan that will cover all the body systems,  addressing your symptoms and diagnoses from a Holistic perspective.  This will encourage all parts of the medical team can be on the same page, working toward your overall optimal health as their main goal.
  • ​If you don't know where to begin, but you are finally ready to make a change, get in touch and we will make it happen!!


Proven Outcomes


"Being in the Sugar Freed Method has made not only an improvement in my A1C numbers, but I have been able to eliminate 3 other pharmaceuticals I was taking.  I can’t say in adequate words the massive impact I’ve experienced in just 3 months.

Isabel G., Sante Fe, NM


"I have been a true believer and "patient" of Holistic "medicine for over 15 years and no-one comes close to the in-depth knowledge Deavah has.  Not only is she is well versed, but she is passionate about her profession and articulate in explaining how and why she is treating you. "

Donna B., Texas


"My wife and I have worked with Deavah for years. We started off working on my blood sugar numbers, as I am a type 2 Diabetic, and I was able to get off all of my blood pressure and diabetes meds. I also lost almost 20lbs, which I have kept off for 7 years.  I still use some herbal products and intermittent fasting every now and again, to maintain my A1C numbers below 5.7, as this is a way of living now for me.  I think that is where some people might get confused, as there is no magic pill, just learning how to live a healthy lifestyle and staying the course."

Doug C. , Vancouver, BC

Different Ways to Work with Us

Wellness Products

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Want to Lower Your A1C?

The Sugar Freed Method Course

A method that will change the way you are managing your high blood sugar; it will free you from your sugar cravings, teach you how to eat without giving up all the foods you love, and free you from the worry of high blood sugar.  The Sugar Freed Method is different than anything you have tried before. It is a 12 week course you can join at any time, work at your own pace, and it includes support structure and accountability so this will be the last place you need to look for answers on how to lower your blood sugar naturally!

In this course, you will have access to:

  • A Membership Site with the course materials, videos, audios and downloadable documents, where you will learn to understand what is truly going on in your body.  From day one, you will have easy to take action steps that will allow you to implement changes immediately.  
  • Weekly Coaching and Accountability Calls,  where you will learn how to put the course material into action.  Engaging in LIVE coaching calls will allow us to personalize the course material to your unique body and lifestyle so you can finally get the direction YOU need to get healthy!
  • ​A Private Coaching Facebook Group, You will receive feedback from our qualified staff and your peers on all of your questions, so you will never feel like you are on this journey alone.  We provide accountability, encouragement and mind set work that will be invaluable in creating sustainable changes.
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Are you Addicted?

Sugar Detox

Would you like to join a 5 day Sugar Detox Challenge? Discover yow to gain control of your sugar addiction (yes it is an addiction) and learn how to ease of sugar in the long run. Here is the free guide and details for the call.

Inside this training, you will discover:

  • Intro group coaching call to understand how to go through the guide.  And a coaching call daily to ask all of your questions...that means 5 days of support from ME, LIVE on a zoom call. 
  • Sugar Detox Guide that includes the Top 10 Ways to Break Your Sugar Addiction.  Yours to download so you can use it again and again.
  • ​Recipes and snack ideas in addition tips to avoid sugar in the evenings.​  
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Need help in the Kitchen?

21 Day Meal Prep Challenge

3 Week Challenge where we'll be learning to make some healthy and delicious recipes you can cook once and eat for days.There will also be some learning about the benefits of meal prep, selecting local and seasonal ingredients, building healthy habits and so much more.


  • ​52 Page Meal Guide that includes shopping lists, nutritional facts, and menu for 21 days.​ Allows you to take the guess work out of planning meals and snacks for 3 weeks!
  • Weekly Implementation Call.  So you can ask questions and bring your feedback to the calls.
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Is your health situation complex?

Private Coaching

Customized health and wellness programs are available from a single session, up to a full year Rehabilitation Program. Depending on the amount of change you're ready for, or the extent of your injuries or negative health symptoms, I will create a program that has the resources, accountability and support you need.

Customized Package can include:

  • ​Weekly One on One Coaching, so we can do a deep dive into your health
  • ​Client Portal and App for Tracking lifestyle and food recommendations, so you can be anywhere working on your health with paperless tracking.
  • ​Access to online Course Materials, so you can educate yourself on when it is convenient for you.
  • ​Personalized meal plans and shopping lists, to save you time and energy.
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Keeping employees healthy and happy is the best retention strategy!

Corporate Wellness

Workplace wellness programs that support employees and the environment that they work in not only have a positive impact on employee morale, they often present a positive return on investment for the employer, too. The University of Michigan Research Center found that for every $1 invested in workplace wellness, a company can expect $3 in cost savings or benefits.

Corporate Programs can include:

  • ​Weekly health and wellness Coaching Calls, where your employees can bring their health concerns and get actionable items that will allow them to make healthier changes resulting in higher productivity.
  • ​Online Foundational Health Course, so your employees can educate themselves on demand with materials that will teach them to manage stress, and make lifestyle changes for healthier living.
  • ​Health Challenges, use as team building activities and employee relationship building.


Wellness by Deavah

What is a Functional Health Coach

Tuesday, April 09, 2024

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Deavah Siemens

I am a Functional Health Coach and Nutritionist. I created The SUGAR FREED METHOD that teaches people with high blood sugar how to lower their blood sugar naturally (and lose the excess weight).  
By coaching clients for over 10 years, I eventually began to understand that there are some major non negotiables that we have to take care of in the body that are the foundation of optimal health. 
The quality of the digestive system or "gut health" is imperative to overall optimal health.  And most importantly I discovered the link between insulin and blood sugar, and how unbalanced blood sugar is truly at the root of Metabolic Syndrome, is implicated in all chronic health conditions,  and contributes to the 3 leading causes of death. 
Thus began my obsession with blood sugar, and my creation of my signature course, the Sugar Freed Method, to help people  reverse high blood sugar, prediabetes, and type 2 diabetes for a longer, better quality life!

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